Tuesday, August 31, 2010

4 Natural Ways to Deal With Vaginal Odor

Make That Smell Vanish Forever by Using These Tips

Unpleasant vaginal odor is extremely embarrassing for women, especially if they are sexually active. People regard malodor down there as a sign of poor hygiene, but there are other factors affecting it. Malodor in itself isn't a good enough reason to go running to your gynecologist. Here are natural ways to deal with malodor from between your thighs.

Use plain water when washing. Soaps with perfume and too much chemicals irritate the skin more, and could cause an imbalance in the pH level. Water is safe to use and you can never go overboard with it. It doesn't dry nor irritate. Wash with water every time you urinate and pat the area dry to avoid smell-developing moisture.

Dilute tea-tree oil or vinegar for a feminine wash. Tea-tree oil is refreshing and cooling. It is also known for its deodorizing properties. It is gentle on the skin and doesn't irritate. However, when using tea-tree oil, make sure it is well diluted in water first before application.

Wash with cider vinegar. Vinegar, as unusual as it may be, is needed for the vagina to maintain high acidity. Sometimes, diet and lifestyle disrupts the normal balance of acid and base in the vagina, and a wash of vinegar is all it takes.

Cornstarch. If you sweat too much and don't change your clothes right after, wet skin becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which then causes the malodor. Also, if you don't trim the pubic hair down there, it causes more sweat and the sweat has more area to stick to, thus more malodor. Cornstarch is an affordable alternative to perfumed talc. It is not scented and has been proven effective against prickly heat. It also is non-allergenic, so you can apply some liberally between your thighs after a shower to maintain that fresh feeling all day.