Friday, September 3, 2010

The Important Fact You Must Know about Bacterial Vaginosis

Some signal that should make us as women aware of this disease is when the problem of vaginal discharge or unpleasant smell in the genital area. The bad discharge may cause fever, pain in the stomach, and an infection caused by sexual transmission. It seems that it just not enough to shock the women with the term of bacterial vaginosis as disease that exist and threaten around them, some fact waiting to reveal.

Mostly women are not aware enough about bacterial vaginosis. Some of them maybe feel strange when they heard about this term. As strange as when they know the fact that there are some bacteria species living in the genital area. What is mean by bacterial vaginosis is a condition when the spreading and growing of those bacteria become unbalanced.

The following facts about the consequences that may be caused by using perfumed soaps and feminine sprays. While most of women may already aware of the dangerous effect of having many sexual partners, the effect of soap and spray may give them a big surprise. Perfumed soap and spray choose by many women because of the teasing fragrance that they offer. I am sure that most women do not realize that their choices can lead to changes in pH balance genital area.

To solve the disease, different treatments can be chosen as the solution. We can use medicine such as metronidazole or tinidazole or we act more carefully to choose a product that has the same pH balance. However, we have to keep our awareness toward this vagina disease. Why I think like that? All this caused of this disease still can be occurring, even after medical treatment. This is usually done again after 12 months to successfully complete. So it will be better to done by women is just keeping a healthy sex life, and healthy life style and also increase the awareness of choosing product.