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Sexual Intercourse Tips on Losing Your Virginity - Less Pressure More Pleasure

Vaginal Plastic Surgery

So you want to find out what "losing your virginity "means. Well before going any further, if you don`t know already then maybe you`re not ready for losing yours. Losing your virginity is not a matter to be taken lightly. It is a major decision to have you`re hymen broken through sexual intercourse. Don`t know what the "hymen" is, this then proves you are definitely not ready for sex. You need to be aware of the mechanics of body before even considering sex. You need to know what is happening and understand why those so called happenings, happen.

What does losing your virginity mean?

I pray, before an explanation is given, you know what a virgin is. Okay, for those in the know, this may well sound a stupid question but nevertheless, one that has to be asked - because surprisingly there are girls who just don`t know. Technically speaking; you are a virgin until you have had sexual intercourse

Although virgins qualify for having a white wedding - things have changed. The typical explanation of virginity lets you get away with a lot. For example: having different kinds of sex and still hold title of virgin. One significant aspect of what does "losing your virginity" mean is, what it actually means to you? It is a confusing concern when you weigh up the pros and cons. Is losing your virginity a state of mind issue or a specific act? Is it something pilfered from you, or does it only count if you gladly allow it to go, or when to expect the fumbling and fiddling to end and "sexual intercourse" take place?

What is the hymen? When a female fetus is growing during pregnancy, the internal reproductive organs and vagina grows unconnectedly from external reproductive organs. The female vagina begins as a solid cord running from the body wall to the uterus. Between the fifth and seventh months of fetus growth, the cord gradually hollows out and forms into a tube. At this time there is no opening to the exterior of the body -- it ends at the body wall. Lastly the wall disintegrates at the point where the vagina meets it and an opening forms in the body wall, and becomes the vaginal orifice. Leaflets can be obtained from family planning clinics or from your doctor. If you are in doubt over what is involved with losing your virginity, there is plenty of help available. If you`re a teen and worried, worry not because support groups stay private along with your information. The female hymen is whatever remains of the body wall that clings to the inside of the vagina aperture after the opening shapes. Sometimes references are not nice sounding but it is the "scraps of flesh" that is for separating the internal genitals from the external ones before the vagina had an opening. The opening(s) in the core of the hymen are the entrance to the vagina.

The hymen can tear or break from other things, like horse riding or other strenuous exertions. Losing your virginity this way is not really seen as the natural act of what losing your virginity means. Sexual intercourse is what takes away the virginal appraisal. The hymen normally breaks from stretching. Not all hymens are sensitive and are more durable allowing fingers, tampons and the male penis to enter without damage. Readiness at the time of the hymen breaking - will have you aware of any pain or showing of blood. This is normal and not everyone is affected.

Losing your virginity today - does not shock any more; unlike it did in the days past.

Going back in time a woman`s life was literally at the mercy of virginity. Any female who lost her virginity before wedlock had a fated future: i.e. dishonored, disowned, left on the shelf living a spinster`s life. It Tarnished women were sometimes beat and murdered. Men evaded this due to not being directly connected to virginity rulings as exclusively were pointed towards women. Men have never been held to the same standards of sexual behavior that women have.

Losing your virginity changes your life forever, once you have lost it, there is no way of finding it again, meaning you cannot get your virginity back. With today`s modern technology, surgery can help in ways where plastic surgeons can perform plastic surgery on your vaginal opening to make it appear to have a uniform, "pristine" hymen. As with any surgery there are always risks involved, so consider this. A question that rises often when on the subject of losing one`s virginity"is the immaculate conception.

It`s vital you understand what the principle of the Immaculate Conception is. There will always be assumptions made, however it is what assumption you choose to believe, is what matters. Nonetheless if statements are proven untrue, then, is it wise to believe falsehoods. Some people believe the Immaculate Conception refers to Christ`s conception in Mary`s womb without male fathering. While other folk believed conceiving was powered by the Holy Spirit," Find out the true meaning of the term Immaculate Conception and go online.

Alright your ready for action, and your cherry ready for popping, sorry un-inviting to hear, but it's a common reference used when about to lose your virginity (pop your cherry.) Before reading the pointers below think contraception (birth control - condoms.)

1 Make sure losing your virginity is what you really want and with who you want to lose it too.

2 This is a time forever remembered, readiness will the make the moment a pleasing one, or one that haunts.

3 Learn about your body. Feel it, touch it, and be intimate with yourself. Masturbation encouragement is not my purpose, but it is a way of finding out about sensitive body parts. After finding particular likings of particular doings - you can discuss them with your partner.

4 If this is your first sexual experience, you can still fall pregnant, or infected by a sexually-transmitted disease.
4 Plan for the event Have contraceptives and lubricants handy. Music can calm fear or make the mood relaxing. Sexual intercourse should take place in an ideal environment. Enjoy your sex without having to jump at every sound.

5 For the actual transaction, take your time finding each other with kissing/cuddling. Less pressure more pleasure. If particular parts of the body moisten through foreplay, the better. Being nervous may take the vagina longer to wet. Lubricating the condom/vagina will help with penis penetration.

6 Avoid jerking thrusts because right now the vagina has not adjusted to penis size. Nice and slow. First time sex can cause discomfort and embarrassment (depending on individuals.)

7 First time sex may not last long. Sex not only gets better over time but satisfying too, that's why everyone is doing it - unless celibate or other

Don't be frustrated if intercourse is not what you expected it to be. Are you really in a position to make judgment on expectancy, with it being new to you. Take what comes (excuse the pun) and learn from it.

Labiaplasty and the Quest For a Designer Vagina

Vaginal Plastic Surgery

I was recently reading about women who undertake labiaplasty in the quest for a designer vagina. This 'designer vagina' is what they imagine to be a 'pretty' version of a vagina, which it seems to have been decided, is a vagina where nothing 'sticks out'.

When I was 10 I was having a bath with my best friend when she pointed at my vagina and said: 'why is there something sticking out?'

I had a look. 'I don't know!' I said, and had a look at hers. Hmmm, nothing seemed to stick out of hers. This was puzzling. I felt instantly embarrassed and ashamed. Why was I different?

I stopped bathing with my friend and, as puberty progressed, the 'something sticking out' got bigger and bigger. It worried me, but I didn't know what it was or what to do about it.

When I was 11 I was lying in the bath with my legs splayed out when my mother walked in without knocking. 'Gosh Love, I think you should lie the other way around, nobody wants to see' she said.

'Is there something wrong with me?' I asked. 'Why is there stuff sticking out?'

I could see that it cost my mother some effort to look. Instantly I felt a surge of shame. There must be something disgusting about me.

'Well, it is very....PRONOUNCED' she said, 'but I'm sure the outside will grow and catch up and then it will stop sticking out.

As she left the bathroom, I looked at myself in horror. Something was dreadfully wrong with me. She hadn't said it was normal. She had admitted that it was PRONOUNCED! I had seen the embarrassment and slight disgust on her face as she looked at me.

As the years passed the rest did grow and catch up a little, but not all the way. There would always be 'something sticking out.' Through my teens and early twenties, I assumed I had 'an ugly one' and never shaved or trimmed my pubic hair, other than the essential bikini line. I thought that the more covered up I was the better. Even though I was well aware that men liked me just fine, I lacked confidence in nudity and always wondered when I was with a new partner if they would think something negative about me.

In hindsight I know that my mother would have been vaguely disgusted to look at ANYONE'S vagina, perhaps even her own. She had been brought up a strict catholic and told to throw powder on the surface of her bath water to save herself from the 'sin' of looking at her own body. But of course, I imagined that it must be because I was so disgusting.

All Shapes And Sizes

It was only through seeing adult movies and the more explicit men's magazines that I began to realise that everyone was different. Some had nothing sticking out, some had a bit, and others had a whole lot more! When I considered the many different shapes and sizes of penises I had come across, big ones, small ones, short fat ones, long thin ones, curved ones, pink ones, purple ones, I realised that there was no set standard that they all conformed to. Why wouldn't it be the same with women?

Labiaplasty for Uniformity

When I heard about the designer vagina craze with women undergoing cosmetic vagina modification surgery in order to conform to a specific ideal, I decided to do some research. What I found surprised me. Far from being unusual, large labia minora occurs in about 36% of women and, just like comparing big breasts to small, the majority of men do not have a preference. However, where they DO state a preference it is usually FOR larger lipped women.

So where did women get the idea that there is a certain way that a vagina is supposed to look? Why is labiaplasty such a popular procedure? Where did the ideal of the designer vagina come from?

Playboy and the 'Pretty' Vagina

Playboy magazine is not a porn magazine; it is a booby magazine. It remains mainstream through its use of very discreet genital detail. In order for it to show genital detail very discreetly, it specifically chooses models that have very small tucked in labia minora for its regular edition magazine. If a woman has large inner labia she will be shown in a pose where this is hidden.

Since Playboy is so widely read and accessible women around the world have concluded that this image is what men want, and that this is what they should be conforming to. This is not the case. The only reason Playboy does not show protruding labia minora is because it is deemed TOO EXPLICIT! Not unsexy! If anything, it is TOO SEXY.

Penthouse on the other hand, which considers itself a hard-core magazine, shows protruding inner labia ALL THE TIME! And Playboy, in its special edition, does too.

Desperate for Labiaplasty

While doing research for this article I found numerous message boards with young girls saying how much they hate themselves and how desperate they are for labiaplasty surgery to make them look normal! I also found well-meaning replies from women with the same 'problem' telling the girls not to worry, if a man loves you, he will accept you 'as you are'. Well there is something very wrong with this advice, as it assumes that there is SOMETHING TO ACCEPT! Something to tolerate! This is not the case! There is NOTHING wrong with you. You are PERFECT as you are!

Surgeons offering labiaplasty downplay the severity of labiaplasty surgery. However, this is serious stuff, requiring a multitude of drugs both during and after surgery, and a minimum of eight weeks of recovery time. EIGHT WEEKS where you cannot wear fitted underwear or tight clothes and cannot do vigorous exercise or have sex! You are also on addictive painkillers such as Vicodin! This is a massive trauma for the body. And as everyone knows, or should know, surgeries DO go wrong. This is not a part of your body you should ever be taking any chances with!

I have also read stories of women who underwent labiaplasty surgery because they had such large labia minora that it caused them pain and discomfort, and they were unable to even wear tight pants. This is a completely different issue, and just as with someone having a breast reduction surgery so that they can enjoy sports and become free from back and shoulder pain, I am fully supportive. The issue I am referring to here is women who are having labiaplasty surgery for purely cosmetic purposes, as they believe they are flawed the way they are.

I don't believe you should simply accept yourself the way you are, I believe you need to LOVE yourself the way you are. And to do this, you must take action! Start thinking about your body in positive affirmations. Say things like 'I have a beautiful vagina' or 'I love my vagina'. You can use any cutesy name you tend to call your vagina, whatever works for you. Say this to yourself dozens of times a day and continue to do so until you start to believe it. Along with your affirmations, start behaving as if you love it! Get a full bikini wax, or shave and trim your pubic hair into whatever style appeals to you, you can even get clip-on vaginal jewelery! Get proud of yourself. If you do have a partner who has tended to see things through the lens of Playboy conditioning, then tell him to get with the program or you might have to get with someone a lot more appreciative!

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Female Genital Rejuvenation Surgery is Relevant Today

Vaginal Plastic Surgery

Female genital rejuvenation surgeries are on the upswing. procedures like vaginal tightening (vaginoplasty), hymenoplasty, and labia surgery are increasingly being asked for. Young girls are increasingly feeling more interested in looking better "down there" and a lot of women are wanting increased vaginal tightening to give their sexual partners increased pleasure during intercourse.

Types of Surgeries

Vaginal tightening - also medically known as vaginoplasty. years of sexual intercourse, can make the vagina patulous, or more roomy, and thus many women complain, that their partners dont feel that friction and are thus not that satisfied. it is possible now to do something about it surgically. This procedure involves removing some mucosa from the vagina, and tightening the muscles underlying the mucosa to decrease the space in the vaginal orifice. this allows a feeling of tightening and increased penetration during sexual activity. the recovery time is 1-2 days and normal sexual activity can be started after about 3 weeks.

hymenoplasty - in some countries, a lot of emphasis is laid on the presence of the hymen before marriage. it is believed that if the hymen is intact, the girl is still a virgin and pure. even though the hymen may be absent since birth. Thus using plastic Surgical principles, a "hymen" is created. however this piece of tissue id very fragile and should be done only 4-7 days before marriage.

labia correction - Some girls have very un aesthetic looking lips of the vagina. these labia or labia minora, are a source of embarrassment since the girl feels, she does not look nice below. A surgical procedure can be done under local anesthesia to shape the labia into more aesthetic looking lips to give the girl the confidence.

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Anal Bleaching, Vaginal Bleaching, and Underarm Bleaching

Vaginal Plastic Surgery

The idea of bleaching or lightening the most sensitive areas on the body including the anus, vagina, underarms, nipples, and male genitals has recently entered into the mainstream media and culture. The roots of this cultural and cosmetic phenomenon can be traced back to the television show "Dr. 90201" in which a plastic surgery client inquired about having this procedure performed. Since the airing of that episode, numerous articles have been written about the subject due to its monumental increase in popularity.

While this kind of cosmetic procedure may seem extreme to most people, take a moment and think about the rise in popularity of other procedures such as Brazilian waxing and laser hair removal. Twenty years ago, these practices would have not only been extremely rare, but may have also been illegal in some states. In fact, just recently, the state of New Jersey has considered banning Brazilian waxing altogether.

Who is using these services?

Imagine going into a store and asking the clerk which is the best anal bleaching cream? The reality is a majority of people would never dream of asking such as question. However, data suggests that more people than ever are seeking out these cosmetic procedures on the internet.

One potential reason that customers prefer buying these types of products anonymously on the internet is that they will not have to deal with awkward stares in the checkout lane especially if the clerk has to ask for a price check on anal bleaching cream over the loud speaker.

Customers seem to range across a broad socioeconomic spectrum including all races, sexual preferences, as well as genders. For those that take the time to live a healthy lifestyle, work out, tan, wax, and use cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance, using an intimate area lightening product is simply an extension of their pursuit of physical perfection.

The Dangers of Using Bleaching Products that Contain Hydroquinone

Unfortunately, many intimate area bleaching products still include the ingredient Hydroquinone, which has been used for many years to lighten areas on the skin. However, recent medical studies have proven this ingredient to be harmful. In fact, some studies show a direct link of using Hydroquinone to the development of cancer. This is why most Western countries including England have banned all products that contain Hydroquinone.

Therefore, if you plan to use an intimate area lightening product, avoid any product that contains Hydroquinone.

The Application Process

A few years ago, intimate area bleaching procedures were only offered in salons and usually only at the request of the client. However, once the popularity of these procedures caught on, home-based products became available. This is a very similar transition to women and men dying their hair at home compared with going to a salon.

To begin the process of anal bleaching, vaginal bleaching, underarm bleaching, or any intimate area bleaching, carefully read the instructions on the label of your intimate area lightening product of choice. You should also pay close attention to the ingredients list to not only ensure that the product does not contain Hydroquinone, but to also ensure that you are not allergic to any of the other ingredients.

After you feel comfortable with the directions, be sure to follow them closely and if any prolonged irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. You may also want to thoroughly clean yourself with a moist wipe after each bowel movement to ensure there is no additional staining.

You should begin to notice results in the first few weeks and should continue use until you achieve your desired skin tone.

Intimate area bleaching will continue to evolve in both safety precautions as well as overall effectiveness. While you may still believe that these cosmetic procedures are a myth perpetuated on the internet, the reality is that these types of procedures will only increase in popularity over the coming years.

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A Quick Run-Down of the Kinds of Vaginal Surgery

Vaginal Plastic Surgery

What is Vaginal Surgery?

There are a number of reasons for a woman to seek vaginal surgery. The reasons could vary from aesthetic to functional. Whatever vaginal surgery it is you want to undertake, it is always best to arm yourself with the apt information.

Here is an informative run-down on the kinds of vaginal surgery that patients can avail.

Vaginoplasty or Vaginal Rejuvenation

The purpose of this type of vaginal surgery is to tighten loose tissues and muscles as well as to strip off excess vaginal skin. This results to a narrowed vagina diameter which consequently tightens the opening of vaginal canal. The tightening could be performed few centimeters before the vagina opening or even the entire extent of the vagina.

Perineoplasty or Perineorrhaphy

The perceptible area between the rectum and the vagina is termed the perineum. This is the area where episiotomies are slash and where rips during childbirth are most frequent. Perineoplasty (or Perineorrhaphy) has an objective of making this area look normal by cutting out excess skin and flaccid skin tags. In addition, underlying muscles and the perineal area sawed even closer to provide a more secure feeling in the vaginal opening. This procedure is almost always accompanied by vaginoplasty since the same area is being worked on.

Labiaplasty Minora or Labial Reduction

This vaginal surgery is performed to remove excess, uneven or flaccid labia minora. This condition often causes discomfort, rubbing and chronic irritation during sexual intercourse. Labia minora is the smaller interior of the vaginal lips. A lot of women request for this surgery in order to remove the appearance of a prominent labia when wearing certain kinds of clothing (e.g. swimsuits).

Labiaplasty Majora

The vulva's broader outer lips can be engorged with excess tissue and skin in this vaginal surgery. This enlargement can bring embarrassment and discomfort. This vaginal surgery is done to reduce the labia majora's size by excising its inner portion.

Clitoral Hood Reduction

Excess skin on the clitoris' sides usually causes the clitoris to appear enlarged or uneven. Through vaginal surgery, the extra folds of skin on the side of the clitoris are removed.


This vaginal surgery is the hymen's reconstruction. This procedure is done to make the patient look virginal.

Incontinence Sling

The urethra is the tube where you often notice urine coming out. Just like the bladder, the structure may also fall down. Consequently, this would result to urine leakage whenever one coughs, jumps, laughs, or bends down. An incontinence sling helps remedy this condition thru careful vaginal surgery.

As technology advances and as the need arises, new types of vaginal surgeries can be developed.

To know more the different kinds of vaginal surgery, and which kind is the one for you, just drop us a line at:

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Vaginal Plastic Surgery Reshapes Large or Uneven Labia

Vaginal Plastic Surgery

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that vaginal rejuvenation is one of the fastest-growing plastic surgery procedures in the U.S. -- increasing 30% between 2005 and 2006 alone. One of the most popular of these procedures is labiaplasty, plastic surgery to reduce and/or balance the size of the labia minora, or inner vaginal lips.

Although the trend may have started in LA and New York, it has clearly made its way into America's heartland. Women of all ages and backgrounds are seeking labiaplasty.

Why are so many women opting for labiaplasty?
Several factors are contributing to the rising popularity of labiaplasty:

  • The overall increase in plastic surgery.
  • The popularity of bikini waxing -- making women more aware of how their genitals look.
  • The abundance of sexually explicit material on TV, online and in print -- giving women a standard of comparison for their genitals' appearance.
What causes abnormally shaped vaginal lips?
Large or uneven vaginal lips can be caused by genetics, childbirth or hormonal changes. Surgery addresses the structure and function of the vaginal lips
Labiaplasty can correct problems with both the appearance and functionality of a woman's genitals. Some women are embarrassed because their large labia are noticeable when wearing a bathing suit or tight-fitting jeans. Others with large vaginal lips have pain or discomfort during sex or while exercising or riding a bicycle.

Sometimes labiaplasty is covered by insurance
Large or uneven labia can also cause problems with urination and feminine hygiene. The extra skin is very prone to excessive moisture and infections. If the surgery is medically necessary, it may be covered by health insurance.

In some cases, women seek labiaplasty after their sexual partner has made a comment about their genitalia. But more often, the woman is motivated by her own physical and/or psychological discomfort with her body.

A patient shares her story
"Carol," a 26-year-old woman, had labiaplasty to correct her large, uneven labia. "I had a two-inch flap of extra skin on one side, and a one-inch flap on the other," she recalls. "It was very embarrassing in sexual situations," she admits. "I'd have irritation, scraping and bleeding during sex -- and the extra skin irritated my partner, too."

After her labiaplasty, Carol could hardly wait to see the results. "I've already seen myself in the mirror," she said shortly after surgery. "I love it! I feel like a normal woman!"

Allan J. Parungao, MD, is an Oak Park, Illinois plastic surgeon board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is author of A Woman's Guide to Cosmetic Breast Surgery and Body Contouring (Addicus Books, 2006). Visit Dr. Parungao's web site at or call his office at 708.660.3223.

For more information on labiaplasty, visit

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Vaginal Dilators Instead of Vaginoplasty

Vaginal Plastic Surgery

The fact that you're here means you probably fit into one of these categories: 1) You're interested in a reconstructive vaginoplasty, 2) you've had a vaginoplasty, 3) or you know someone in one of the first two groups. Those taking the plunge and getting the procedure will often find that their doctor will recommend the use of a vaginal dilator to assist with creation of a new vagina. That will not be true if the vaginopasty is done to tighten a large vagina. In these instances dilators are no used and are not necessary. In some cases, a dilator could even be used in place of a vaginoplasty if a very tight but patent vagina exists. Here's some information about the dilator that you might find helpful.

Vaginal dilators come in a variety of sizes. As the woman's vagina stretches, she will move up to the next larger dilator size. The use of a dilator is considered safe, and in fact can sometimes be used without the use of any surgery.

Before you start using a vaginal dilator, it's important that you get counseling and teaching on how to use it from a nurse or doctor. You'll probably feel awkward asking questions, however, it's important for you to understand how this process works.

A dilator works through stretching the skin in the area of the vagina. It's a process that takes a period of time and does not produce immediate results. Some females have vaginal agenesis, with only a small vaginal opening, while others are born with a dimple where the skin puckers a little. Still others have a small vaginal opening but adequate enough that dilators will help in stretching it to a normal size.

When the female places the dilator in this area with a bit of pressure, her skin will stretch, thus forming a vagina. By using the dilator more often, this entire process will take less time (Meaning, of course, that the process will take longer if you rarely use the vaginal dilator).

The natural question arises: Just how long does it take to create a vagina using the dilator? In the best cases, it might take only 2 or 3 months. In more extreme cases, though, or in situations where the dilator is not used very often, it might take as many as 18 months. On average, if you use the dilator correctly about 20 minutes, two times a day, it should take about 3 to 6 months to form the vagina.

Most ladies find they have the best results if they set a time each day and use the dilator consistently at that same time each day. You should pick a time when you're not involved in other activities, such as right before bed time or first thing when you wake up. After you learn to use the dilator, you'll find that you can hold it in one hand and do other things such as talk on the telephone, read or watch television.

Before you use the dilator, take a warm bath of 10 to 15 minutes. This will soften your skin to make it easier for your skin to stretch naturally. As you do so, wash the dilator itself with mild soap and then dry it off. Apply a lubricant and plan to spend about 20 minutes using it. Follow the technique outlined for you by your doctor or nurse.

Following dilation, remember to store the dilator where you'll be able to find it next time. The dilator does not require sterilizing, but remember to wash it with mild soap and warm water before you put it away.

Dr. Helen Colen is a board certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan. Visit her blog for more information about vaginoplasty and labiaplasty.

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Your Own Designer Vagina

Vaginal Plastic Surgery

Vaginal Tightening - The no surgery way to a Designer Vagina

For the woman who has everything - Jimmy Choo shoes, Gucci Handbags and the latest Prada designs now comes Vaginal Tightening at a fraction of the Harley Street surgical version.

For women who've experienced childbirth, vaginal muscles tend to expand during the delivery, the result can often be weak, loose, vaginal muscles. It's the scenario that every woman dreads. If she asks her partner if it "feels the same" as before she had the baby he'll nod, unwilling to tell her that, urm, well, it's not as it used to be. A comment like that would be tantamount to saying her bum looks big. He just daren't go there.

I was that woman, after giving birth to a super 8 lb baby girl, no stitches; I was thrilled that I quickly managed to regain my figure. My breasts were firm and rounded, engorged with milk. No one ever tells you how incredibly sexy large breasts feel and as an AA Cup holder, it felt lovely to sport the mega Gold Medal versions.

We both couldn't wait to get reconnected - we hadn't made love during the last few months of my pregnancy and to be quite honest we were both gagging. Much to my dismay what I found was it that sex was less than satisfying, it just didn't feel the same, my vagina felt lose, I had lost a lot of sensation and if I sneezed or laughed I might also leak a small amount of wee. I asked my partner how my vagina felt during lovemaking, and if there was any difference - after much reluctance he said that it didn't feel as tight, he said it felt rather loose and that he was struggling to get the sensation that he needed to keep his erection.

With military precision we both approached my/our vaginal tightening debate. I read up about Vaginoplasty a procedure where part of the vaginal wall is cut away and the excess vaginal lining taken away. This tightens vaginal muscles and surrounding soft tissues. Although this is known as a "standard" gynaecological procedure, it is still an operation under anaesthetic, there is scarring and, I felt a rather drastic step - that one would have to be a last resort. My friendly GP cautioned me about the op, he said that I could lose sensation and was rather puzzled why I wanted a tighter vagina. I felt he didn't quite get it. He referred me to a Women's Health Clinic, where a physiotherapist taught me how to do manual pelvic floor exercises properly. She tested the strength of my pelvic floor using biofeedback. The proof was there, it was very weak and she said if I had not started a strengthening programme for my pelvic floor with pelvic floor exercises then I would be in danger of developing bladder weakness and possibly prolapse. My mum had suffered a vaginal prolapse after I was born, and was unable to have further children, I didn't want history to repeat itself and we had planned to have more children, not just the one. I also learned that a weak pelvic floor is hereditary - like mother like daughter or so they say. This was one likeness I was determined not to share.

So with genetics against me I set about my pelvic exercise regimen. Strange as it is, even though I was faced with the fact that I might never be able to have another baby, I just didn't do the exercises. They were tedious, boring and repetitive.

When I went back to my Physio for a review, I knew I had to be honest with her, its nothing she hasn't heard before and she looked at me rather exasperated. I knew how she felt, I felt it too. It was then she said that if I wanted the easy solution, then I could try one of the new breed of pelvic exercise machines. She showed me one that automatically does the squeeze and release exercises for me, I was sold on that idea. My new exercise routine was sorted, I could feed my baby and have my pelvic floor exercised at the same time, and boy I could feel it like never before!

My partner noticed my tight vagina before I did, within 2 weeks he was commenting about the improved tightness and my orgasms started getting easier and easier.

I have used my Kegel8 for over 2 years now; my pelvic health is at an all-time high. I can make my partner orgasm just through clenching my vaginal muscles; I couldn't do that before baby! I have helped to create my own Design Vagina, and I feel great about it. Its not just about sex - it was never just about that, it was about me getting my body back to where I felt confident and happy, and to continue having a great relationship with my partner and making our family grow!

Stress No More provide products and information on Vaginal Tightening and Kegel Exercises

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The Man Behind Vaginoplasty

Vaginal Plastic Surgery

Meet the Vaginoplasty Doctor

The man behind a vaginoplasty procedure is known as the vaginoplasty doctor or yet a vaginoplasty expert. This personnel carries the responsibility of a woman's vaginal rejuvenation. The said vaginal surgery has the objective of rejuvenating the vaginal muscles to its original firmness. Prior to vaginal surgery, the woman's skin and muscles may be weak and loose in that area.

Any vaginoplasty doctor or vaginoplasty expert will tell you that a loose vagina is usually caused by multiple childbirths, inherited characteristics or the natural aging process. In general, anyone who is in good health condition is a possible candidate for this vaginal surgery. Your doctor / expert will be thoroughly screening the potential candidates, anyway. Women experiencing sexual malfunction like not achieving an orgasm or painful intercourse are not eligible.

A vaginoplasty doctor/expert tightens or rejuvenates the muscles in the area of the vagina. A vagina that is much opened may lead to embarrassing situations and sexual frustration. For one, the woman may not be able to keep the penis of her sexual partner inside her. Sudden, unwanted spillover or urine leakage may also occur whenever she laughs, coughs or jolts.

The doctor/expert conducts the procedure in just approximately two hours. The doctor or vaginoplasty expert usually carries out traditional surgical methods. At times though, laser vaginoplasty is performed. The doctor links the expanded muscle at the rear of the vagina and cuts it down, before eradicating the unwanted skin.

Good vaginoplasty doctors/experts are able to conceal the scar produced by this procedure. They will also keep a close eye to their patients, seeing that they follow the mandatory rest after the procedure. This is because patients may feel recuperated enough to work only after a week.

Some doctors do not only focus on the aesthetic part of the vaginal surgery. Since this procedure in effect, boosts a woman's self confidence and produces higher self esteem, some doctors or experts conduct surgery on the psyche. There is of course a corresponding psychological sessions and certification on this, but it's nothing very serious. This translates to counseling and treating a woman's self image and socialization with others.

Remember that the aforementioned vaginal surgery not only boosts sexual pleasure, it also improves a woman's sexuality by making her feel more youthful, more attractive on their private spot. This plus an overall counseling conducted by a vaginoplasty doctor or expert will surely bring you on the path of contentment and happiness.

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Tightening a vagina today

Vaginal Plastic Surgery

Advantages of V Cream For Women

To tighten a vagina today is a necessity not just for sexual desires but also for medical purposes, Why?

Here are the advantages if you tighten your vagina;

1. It increases the sexual desires of women

2. It Dramatically increases the intensity, frequency, and quality of a girls orgasms

3. It restores the Natural elasticity of a girls vagina

4. It acts as a lubricant with fresh and a clean scent

5. It tightens the vagina and the muscle surrounding the area

6. it maintains the natural color and a "teenage look" and best of all

7. It slows the menopausal process.

Why Recommend V cream and not Vaginal Surgery?

- Vaginal surgery is also effective in tightening the female organ, but of course, when you hear the word surgery, what comes in your mind? Yes, it's money.

How much do I spend if I go for the Surgery method?

- The normal price goes around $7,000-9,000, but with this method the price is worth it. There are good doctors who can operate on you and give you satisfaction guaranteed results.

Price is the main difference between using the natural V cream products against the Vaginal surgery, both methods give you good results and can deliver the tightness that you want.

So where can I find Such V Cream Products?

There are a lot of companies that offer such products, you just have to search the net, or to a health store, but for the complete information regarding the product so that you would also see other benefits of it just click...


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How to Tighten A Vagina

Vaginal Plastic Surgery

The Natural Way

Both methods have their own advantages when you go with it, Surgery can give you fine results as quick as you want. But How much does it cost? what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Vaginal Surgery Advantages -

a. The process could easily be done and with good results

b. The tightness of the vagina would be the same as it was on it's teenage days.

Vagina Surgery Disadvantages -

a. Of course you'll spend money on this with the average of $5000-$7000.

b. There might be risks like bleeding, infection and scarring, but this is unusual or rarely happens since good doctors will take care of you.

c. You will feel pain after surgery, but not to worry since there are pain medications for this.

How about the Natural way? what is it's advantages and disadvantages?

Tightening the vagina the natural ways advantages -

a. It tightens the Vagina and the muscles around it

b. It increases a girls sexual desire

c. It slows down menopausal process

d. It dramatically increases the intensity, frequency and quality of orgasms

e. It restores the natural elasticity of a girls vagina

f. It acts as a lubricant with a fresh and clean scent

g. It maintains color and "teenage" appearance

h. It costs less than having a surgery

Tightening the vagina the natural ways disadvantages -

a. There are imitations if you do not choose the right one

b. Cannot use these during menstruation period.

Now you know Both advantages and disadvantages, both works in their own ways but it is still you who decides.

So Where can you have the Desired surgery?

you can find a good medical center for this at New York Manhattan.

So where can I find an Effective Natural Products for tightening my Vagina?

click here

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How to Tighten Vagina

Vaginal Plastic Surgery

Main Reason Why You Need To

Women after giving birth to a child have a sagged vagina, no offense, guys do not get excited with this anymore, they get bored and also they feel they are useless and always have this thinking "Did she enjoy that or not?" So what is the main reason why women need to tighten their vagina? How do they do this?

The reasons why they have to tighten their vagina is that;

1. Men will stick and will always get satisfied -

This is true, when he feels the tightness, he usually gets excited and can't wait to see you at home.

2. They become loyal -

When guys are completely satisfied, they will never have a reason to cheat on you, guys will still look at other girls, whenever they walk home or riding a bus they tend to look and appreciate especially if the woman is very attractive and appealing to their eyes. But not to worry this is normal and nature of man.

3. You will tend to be more sexually active -

Men in general are active and addicted to this, even though the vagina is tight, but you are not that active, you will still lose his affection. Being active can always satisfy his needs and will also make your relationship stronger than ever, this is the key for a lasting relationship, because in reality, the longer you stay together, the love will fade but the friendship will always be there.

So how can I tighten my vagina?

There are two effective ways to do this;

a. Vaginal Surgery -

This is the most effective way and also the most expensive, you will find such operation in Manhattan New York

b. Natural Products, V cream -

V Cream products has been used through the years, they are very effective and has lesser cost than having a surgery. Such products are offered in the internet or health centers that specializes on this.

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