Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do You Struggle With Vaginal Odor?

Do You Struggle With Vaginal Odor? Read About Natural Remedies You Can Use Today

Unfortunately, it is common for women to struggle with vaginal odor at some point or multiple points in their lives. The vagina is very susceptible to getting infection because it houses as a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria love warm, dark and wet places and that is exactly what the vagina is.

Vaginal odor mainly occurs from an infection known as bacterial vaginosis. This infection differs from a yeast infection in that the only symptom is the fishy odor. If you are not experiencing any other symptoms and your only problem is the smell, then this infection is easily treatable and you can work towards getting rid of it today.

Since bacterial vaginosis is not harmful to your health, there are plenty of home remedies that you can use without the aid of a doctor. If this smell is bothering you and you want it to be gone for good, then there is help out there for you.

If you struggle with vaginal odor, now is the time for you to get the relief that you have been looking for and on your own account. You just need to learn about some natural remedies that can really help you to get the relief.

A great natural remedy is to use yogurt. Although this sounds like a messy form of treatment, it is actually quite easy to use. In order to get the yogurt inside of your body to start the treatment, the easiest way is to use a tampon. Soak the tampon in yogurt before you insert it into your body. Allow the yogurt to work for about 10 minutes at a time and then take it out. Yogurt helps to balance out the natural pH balance of the vagina, killing any bacteria that are disrupting this balance. It zaps those bacteria and helps to leave you feeling cool and refreshed. Repeat this as often as you feel necessary.

Another home treatment for women who struggle with vaginal odor is to treat the area as an actual infection. When you have a wound on your body, you make sure to clean it as often as you can, so you stop the spread of infection. The same goes for vaginal odor and bacterial vaginosis. You want to make sure that your vagina is as clean as it can possibly be without you irritating it. Wash the area 2-3 times daily with a light soap and washcloth. As well, since you can't put a band-aid on the area, wear cotton underwear during this time of healing. Cotton is a breathable fabric that stops harmful bacteria from entering the vagina again but also, allows the vagina to breathe so the infection can get a necessary amount of oxygen to heal properly.

If you are tired of dealing and struggling with vaginal odor, these home remedies will work for you.

Unpleasant vaginal discharge and smell is a problem that plagues countless women and can reoccur every few months. There are effective treatments for the condition that don't just mask the odor, they actually treat the problem and eliminate it.